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05.26.20 progress update

We have now performed experiments in HT29 and HepG2 cells to test mitigation/synthetic lethality between remdesivir and drugs that impact mitochondrial function, following on our RNA-seq analysis showing reduced mitochondrial gene expression after remdesivir treatment (reproduced below:) . Our cell…

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05.08.20 Update

We are working hard on collecting more CRISPR screening data and optimizing our RdRp and SARS-CoV-2 entry assays. Meanwhile, our lab's COVID-19 work was written up here:

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04.30.20 progress update

While analysis of our CRISPR screens and initial RdRP experiments are still ongoing, we are making progress analyzing and following up on the RNA-seq data on remdesivir and HCQ host response. HCQ: RNA-seq had identified upregulation of cholesterol metabolism genes…

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Week 4 progress update

This week, we have continued analyzing our RNA-seq data, we have completed and sequenced our CRISPR screens, and we have cloned and are performing initial RdRP experiments. Stay tuned for updates on the CRISPR screen in the next few days.…

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Week 3 progress update

Here’s an update on our progress this week: RNA-seq We are actively analyzing and following up on the RNA-seq data we collected last week. We have uploaded the raw data and some processed files run through gene (DESeq2) and pathway…

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Week 2 progress update

Fewer than two weeks after starting our experiments aimed at assessing genetic pathways mediating host toxicity of the SARS-CoV2 drugs remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), we already have our first experiment finished. Here’s an update on our progress this week: RNA-seq…

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